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What attributes will the engineer of 2020 have? He or she will aspire to have the ingenuity of Lillian Gilbreth, the problem-solving capabilities of Gordon Moore, the scientific insight of Albert Einstein, the creativity of Pablo Picasso, the determination of the Wright brothers, the leadership abilities of Bill Gates, the conscience of Eleanor Roosevelt, the vision of Martin Luther King Jr., and the curiosity and wonder of our grandchildren. (National Academy of Engineering's Engineer 2020).

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and the College of Technology and Innovation offer a wide variety of engineering-related degrees.

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ASU Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E) programs focus on developing in each student the key attributes future engineers will need including strong analytical skills, creativity, ingenuity, professionalism and leadership.

Polytechnic Campus Program: Overview

At the Polytechnic campus, you can study multiple areas of engineering or integrate business, global studies and other courses.

  • Curriculum develops breadth of knowledge in the area of engineering and students choose specializations.
    • Students choose areas of emphasis and work with an advisor to select multidisciplinary elective course work.
    • Project-intensive, beginning the first semester.
  • Offered by the College of Technology and Innovation.

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Tempe Campus Programs: Overview

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